About CommPortal

Part institution and part peer group, the Internet is home to staggering amounts of knowledge and the ultimate network of mentors, colleagues, collaborators, consumers and competitors. To capitalize on the collective brainpower and expertise on offer in this ether, you need to build your own support system of contacts who communicate continuously via this medium; to reach them efficiently and transparently, you need to possess an infrastructure provisioned with powerful, convenient contact tools.

CommPortal provides a suite of web-communications technologies that integrate seamlessly together to deliver a contact engine targeted at every form of digital dialogue, from web-based email and faxing, through group calendars and contact management tools; from chat groups and collaborative document spaces, through to IP-telephony, web-conferencing, and wireless messaging access solutions for portable devices. Wherever you are and whatever you use to communicate, CommPortal can improve your access to the opinions of your decision-makers and the decisions of your opinion-makers.

While these tools may be available from individual suppliers, their true strength comes from their synergy in a single communications suite. CommPortal has evaluated the best available products from across the web and assembled the highest value versions into an integrated engine with an interface customized to your particular needs.

Outsource your communications and improve your feedback with CommPortal.